Audio Reader Rails

Welcome to the Visitor Center of the Bishop’s Basilica of Philippopolis. The audio recordings on this page will introduce you to the multi-layered history of the Bishop’s Basilica. Additional details are available on the reader rails in the exhibit areas.

Reader rails with available audio recordings are marked with a headset icon and a number in the top left corner. The reader rail numbers match the numbers of the audio recordings: Reader Rail Number One corresponds to Recording Number One.

While you are touring the exhibit areas, we recommend that you follow the reader rail sequence. Your tour will begin in the open-air courtyard of the Basilica. Then it goes through the main entrance and along the south wall of level one. It then takes you to level two in order to end up on level one again, where it takes you along the north wall. If you decide not to follow the suggested route, find the number and title of the reader rail in front of you in the audio list and play the corresponding recording.

Happy listening and enjoy your visit!

You just heard the audio recordings of the reader rails located in the open courtyard of the Basilica. Now we invite you to enter inside through the main entrance and head to the majestic peacock mosaic in the Lobby area. From there, follow the alley to your right (or the southern wall).

Reader rails 15 and 16 are on your right, located on wall panels in front of the mosaic studio.

18. Christian Philippopolis | Heart of the city | The Bishops of Philippopolis | Level 1

19. The Basilica's most sacred part | Mysterious walkway | Level 1

From here we invite you to examine the area behind the apse. To do so, walk down the hall located right next to the mosaic studio.

Reader rails 25 and 29 are located inside the glass stand in front of you. 

Reader rails 30 and 31 are located on the glass bridge, looking over the bird mosaics. 

"Adopt a Bird" | Initiative by the Friends of the Basilica Foundation

After going back to LEVEL 1 again, take the alley along the northern wall of the Basilica. At the end of it, you will find the souvenir area and the exit to the open courtyard. 

34. The cemetery’s church | Medieval saints and benefactors | Level 1

This is the end of your audio tour. Thank you for listening! 

Lastly, we invite you to head to the outdoor stairs, where you can read the messages from over 20 diplomats from around the world. All quotes are united by Vasil Levski’s words “Brotherhood with everyone regardless of faith and nationality.”

Thank you for visiting and see you soon!